Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are also known as burglar alarm systems, security protection systems or intrusion detection systems. All common alarm systems work based on the same technical principle. We provide alarm systems with a number of different sensors to detect a break-in into a building or security area. If sensors are used to detect smoke, water […]

Access Control Systems

The goal of access control is to minimize the security risk of unauthorized access to physical and logical systems.Access controls identify an individual or entity, verify the person or application is who or what it claims to be, and authorizes the access level and set of actions associated with the username or IP address.Directory services […]

Gate Automation

Automation of an entrance driveway or automated security gates are becoming more common practice today. They provide a security feature that regulates access into a secured area. Mostly these are used as an entrance to a premises or facility, and mostly control vehicular activity as automatic gates act gatekeepers that control access to a secured […]

Home Automation

Elite Pol offers automation systems for homes, offices and hotels, as well as for facilities under construction. We are exclusively dedicated to achieving excellence in Building Automation. We understand what’s most important to you, so if you’re investing in a new build and have decided on Building Automation, trust Elite Pol. This technology allows you […]

System Assembly

Our company, together with the installation of security systems, also offers consultancy, design and installation of electrical systems to our clients. We provide installations for residential facilities, companies and production units. Our best experts will offer you professionalism and the best equipment on the market, so that they are as high quality and long lasting […]

Smart Systems

Intelligent systems are devices that come to the aid of company administrators, as they perform several functions, such as: monitoring the entry of data, electronic recording of the working time of employees, increasing security to avoid unauthorized access to the company building. In addition, this system significantly increases security for the owners of villas and […]

Radio Systems

A radio system is the infrastructure that enhances or facilitates clear voice and data communication between individuals at a distance. The technology we have invested in this system is of the latest parameters, which will enable our officers to communicate in record time, eliminating absolutely any possibility of frequency interference or disconnection of communication due […]

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm system are the detection devices, which consist from smoke detectors to simple manually operated break glass units.Fire Alarm System is designed to alert us to an emergency so that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff and the general public.The fire alarm system may also incorporate a remote signal system which could […]

CCTV Systems

The purpose of all CCTV security systems is to capture footage.These cameras are especially important when your business location is in a high crime area or has any vulnerabilities around your building which people could exploit. However, in industrial settings, CCTV cameras are also commonly used to monitor environments that not suitable for humans, ensuring […]