Welcome to Our Company!

Who we are.

Elite Pol is a company based in Tirana, created in 2022, due to a need in the market of private and physical security, in quality and performance.

The long experience in the business of the owner and the long experience in this field of the CEO, makes this company successful. We pride ourselves on the vision we have to invest in image, human resources and performance, to set themarket a missing standart. When you choose Elite-pol we become an extension of your organization and ensure a successful partnership.

5 Reasons to Choose Us


Our Mission

To deliver the best customer experience possible.


On Time

24/7/365 Support to identify your security requirements for your business goals.


Best Service

Safeguarding valuable items, keeping keys and passcodes, among others.



Over 26 Years of Experience in Serve People.


Our Vision

Giving peace of mind and assurance of protection for our clients.